Best Fanola Mask you need ASAP news

Best Fanola Mask you need ASAP

Hair care is a necessary part of everyone’s daily self-care routine. Getting the original hair care products that work for your hair is always a hectic task.

If you’re someone who doesn’t use masks in your daily routine, this Fanola mask collection will definitely change your mind. For a quality hair care routine, masks are really essential.

Fanola Smooth Care Straightening Hair Mask 500ml

Fanola smooth care straightening hair mask is rich in cotton oil ideal for hair straightening, which makes the straightening easier, reduces frizz, and hydrates strands. Its softening and detangling action makes curly, coarse, and rebel hair much easier to straighten.

How to Use:

Evenly apply a small amount of Fanola smooth care straightening mask to lengths and tips. Comb it through the hair and leave for 3-5 minutes.

Fanola Hair mask Curly Shine 500ml

Fanola Curly Shine Mask specifications are best suitable for curly hair. Enriched with silk protein helps in hydrating the hair. It can be used as a daily conditioner for maintaining color-treated hair and to maintain its color freshness and softness repair. Helps In restoring elasticity, and hair hydration and gives your hair a perfect volume boost.

How to Use:

Evenly apply Fanola Hair mask Curly Shine over a washed towel dry hair. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes after spread and massage it well, then rinse off.

Fanola Nutri care Restructuring Hair Mask 500ml

Nutri Care Restructuring hair mask is an ideal mask for dry, frizzy, and treated hair. This Fanola hair mask is rich in milk proteins and helps in hair nourishment to a great extent. Its detangling action makes the hair particularly soft and easy to streamline combing. It gives softness and vitality to your hair. This mask is highly recommended to use together with Fanola Nutri care restructuring shampoo.

How to Use:

Apply Fanola mask evenly on hair roots to end after shampooing. Let it be there for 5-10 min and rinse off.

Fanola, No More the Styling Mask, 750ml

Fanola no more styling masks make your hair incredibly soft and hydrated in just 2 minutes!!! Its natural ingredients nourish your hair and give it a controlled volume. Fast-acting treatment of the mask leaves your hair to dry quickly facilitating long-lasting hairstyles. The mask also has numerous other features like the silicon-free, vegan, pH value of 3-3.5, etc.

How to Use:

Apply the fanola no more styling mask all over the lengths and tips of your wet hair. Let the mask stay there for two minutes. Rinse it thoroughly.

Fanola Botugen Hair System BotoLife Mask 300ml

Fanola Botugen botolife mask is more often used by people with damaged or brittle hair. Reconstructing the damaged hair is done with the help of a botolife system. This system makes hair fiber thicker, adding body, volume, and shine to the hair. This mask can make your hair strong and elastic thus reducing the tangles. For Moisturizing and nourishment purposes this mask is the best choice.

How to Use:

Apply along the tips and lengths of towel-dried hair, massage and leave it for5 minutes and then rinse.

Fanola after Color Care Mask 500ml

Fanola after Color Care Cream 500ml is for people with colored hair. Making hair soft and easy to comb. It can help prevent dandruff. This mask can be used for longer color retention as it contains linseed oil and vitamin E. The hair mask Offers a silky feeling to your hair and gives shine to hair. Its anti-dandruff effect prevents the hair from itching. This item guarantees a solution for people with colored and chemically treated hair.

How to Use:

After shampooing, apply the mask evenly from hair roots and lengths. Leave the mask for 5 minutes and rinse it off.

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