Top Trending Salon Furniture and Salon Product Equipment's at Reasonable Price in Muscat Oman news

Top Trending Salon Furniture and Salon Product Equipment's at Reasonable Price in Muscat Oman

Elevate your salon experience with the top trending salon furniture and salon equipment in Muscat, Oman! Al Basel Cosmetics deals with wholesale and retail salon products for very reasonable prices; we also guarantee the best and most professional beauty products such as hair care, body care, skincare and nails etc. We also have all types of salon furniture and machines for salon equipment that we can assure you the best and highest quality with various models.

Are you ready to transform your salon into a trendy and stylish heaven for beauty enthusiasts? We bring you the latest and most premium salon furniture and equipment in Muscat at reasonable prices. Upgrade your salon space and create an inviting atmosphere for your clients with our top picks. Choose from a wide range of options that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Upgrade your salon with AL BASEL COSMETICS and attract more customers. You won't regret it!

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    Hair Styling & Makeup Salon Chairs: Experience comfort and style with our range of ergonomic salon styling-chairs. Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, these chairs offer superior support for your clients while adding a touch of sophistication to your salon.

    Luxurious Hair Washing Units: Treat your clients to a pampering experience with our luxurious hair washing shampoo units. Designed for comfort, these units come with adjustable features and high-quality materials, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable hair-washing experience.

    Modern Salon Trolley Stations: Redefine your workspace with our contemporary salon trolley stations. These sleek and functional stations are perfect for organizing your tools and creating an efficient and stylish work environment.

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    Beauty Spa Beds and Massage Tables: Create a multi-functional space with our versatile beauty salon spa beds and massage tables. Ideal for facials, waxing, and other beauty treatments, these beds provide comfort for your clients while adding a touch of elegance to your salon.

    Contemporary Reception Furniture: Make a lasting first impression with our contemporary reception furniture. From stylish seating to modern reception desks, we offer a range of options to enhance the welcoming ambiance of your salon furniture in Oman.

    Premium Salon Manicure & Pedicure stations: Stay organized and efficient with our premium salon spa pedicure & manicure stations. These versatile storage solutions are designed to keep your tools and products within easy reach, ensuring a seamless workflow.

    Salon Mirrors: Design a premium and comfortable size salon mirrors for your clients with our trendy model. From stylish look for your salon interiors, we have the perfect pieces to create an innovative and pleasant look.

    Professional Salon Equipment: Upgrade your salon's capabilities with our state-of-the-art salon equipment's. Combining cutting-edge technology with energy efficiency, these salon equipment & accessories will not only enhance the styling process but also add a modern touch to your salon.


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     We have good collections of salon accessories like Hair Dryers, Hair Curlers, Hair Straighteners, Beauty Facial Machines and Hair Trimmers & clippers. Our all salon items are highly professional and long lasting. We are providing beauty care products and hair care products, especially for salon clients. For beauty care & hair care products we have brands like Mira Professional, Viva Professional, Mariani Professional, and Scar Professional. These are our brand that's why we can sell these items at low prices compared with the market.

    We are one of the authorized dealers for most renowned brands such as Fanola Made in ITALY, Bandido Men's Cosmetics and Anea Techline Hair care products. These products we are selling for the wholesale and retail market.

    On our Albasel online store, we introduced options for a salon portal and a wholesale portal. Salon and wholesale customers can directly register their profile with a trading license. After approval, you can able to see our offer prices for salon and wholesale customers respectively. 

    Since 2007, Al Basel Cosmetics has been the leading company in UAE for salon furniture and salon accessories. We established a reputed position in the Beauty & cosmetics market in the UAE. We are proud to be the top market seller in the field of Salon products and Accessories. Now we have expanded our services to other countries like Oman, Qatar,Middle East, UK, Ethiopia, etc., we have many satisfied customers all over the world.

    At Al Basel Cosmetics Trading Company, we believe in providing quality salon furniture and equipment that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Elevate your salon experience with our top trending products, all available at reasonable prices. Visit our showroom in UAE or explore our online store catalog to discover the perfect additions for your salon. Transform your space, impress your clients, and stay ahead of the trends with our exceptional salon furniture and salon equipment in Oman!