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Best Professional Skin Care Products for Salons

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Looking good does not always have to do something with Botox treatment! A little pampering and regular care can make you look graceful and attractive at any age. The cosmetic sector is rapidly growing to suffice the population’s demand. You will find plenty of skincare products in the market, claiming to deliver the best results. However, choosing a proper skincare routine is a daunting task.

AI Basel Cosmetics is a popular name based in Sharjah, UAE. We offer the best professional skin products for over 8 years. 

Here is a list of the best professional skin care products for salons:

Viva Facial Kit

This Viva facial kit comprises scrub, clay mask, and moisturizer. The kit can resolve every skin issue like clogged pores, dull complexion, and uneven skin. You gain fair-looking skin in a few applications. Enriched scrub helps to exfoliate the dead cells and eliminate excessive oils. Pores are cleaned deeply and surface impurities are removed. It cleanses the inner skin layer, offering naturally glowing skin. 

Moisturizing cream offers a healthy glow and the clay mask eliminates excess oil and tightens the skin. The benefits of the Viva Facial kit include cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, brightening, and tightening.

Mira Massage Oil Lavender

Lavender is a popular essential oil. Because of its sweet and fresh aroma, Mira massage oil lavender promotes a soothing atmosphere as well as distress to your mind and body. It is efficient in pain relief, boosting energy levels, and promoting sound sleep. It even controls aging signs and acne. 

Lavender oil therapies are great for stimulating blood circulation as well as eliminating body toxins. The lavender oil penetrates deep inside the skin and hydrates it to give a firm smooth texture. Your skin does not just look radiant but turns healthy from the inside.

Mira Foot Mate Callus Remover

The Mira Foot Mate Callus Remover is capable of eliminating years old unsightly and rough skin caused by corns and calluses, without the need to use bizarre callus removal tools. Soak your feet for some time in warm water and dry them. Apply the Foot Mate liquid using cotton on the callused spot. Let it sit there for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse the feet and with a scrubber eliminate the dead skin and residue. The formula is high-end and used in creating attractive beach-ready feet!

Viva After Wax Oil Lemon

Depilation makes skin rough and leaves it irritated, so post-wax care is crucial. The Viva After Wax Oil Lemon is enriched with soothing properties and powerful antioxidants. It helps in skin conditioning and revitalizing. Thus smoothing and moisturizing the skin. It even eliminates the wax residue efficiently and maintains a softening and calming effect after wax treatment. 

Mira Body & Foot Mask Gold

Mira's body and foot mask gold pampers her tired body and feet by hydrating and nourishing them deeply. The concentrated mask boosts moisture as well as repairs dry and cracked skin. It contains emollients and moisturizing agents that leave you feeling refreshed and soft.

Salons can keep their clients happy with AI Basel products